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The Pull List – The Six Million Dollar Man #2

Posted on April 2, 2019 by

Agent Niko Abe had spent countless days and hours planning the perfect infiltration mission on the ANSA owned island. She needed to quickly gather evidence of a secret missile project to convince her superiors and the USA government to take down ANSA. Niko was ready for anything, expect Steve Austin. The bionic agent accidentally alerts the ANSA guards, and now every armed guard is heading to their direction. Now the silent mission goes loud as Niko and Steve fight off sword-wielding samurais, dodge gunfire and try to avoid losing any more limbs.

Steve Austin may be enhanced by bionic upgrades, but that doesn’t mean his judgment had been upgraded. The astronaut turned super spy improvs a few tactics, and the situation goes from bad to hilariously terrible. He reveals his classified bionic abilities to Niko and almost lost a leg in the process. Literally and figuratively, Steve has to lean on Niko to see this mission through.

Christopher Hasting’s cybernetic spy adventure carries on with great action and hilarity, with a fun dynamic between the mismatched partners. Niko Abe has a stern, by the book attitude, while Steve Austin is shooting from the hips on his first real mission. But as the mission gets more and more dangerous, will Steve be able to remain as cocky? The next issue throws in some big surprises and bigger explosions in the upcoming chapter.

The Six Million Dollar Man #2 will be on sale on April 3rd, 2019.
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