The Pull List – Astro Hustle #2

It’s all hands on deck when the pirate ship Pixie Ghost is attacked. Chen Andalou escape from jail leads him to be guest to a pirate crew, now commanded by Svetlana Freya. But the law as caught up with the pirates, and they will take Chen dead or alive. The pursuit is on for the pirates and Chen, outrunning the heat on their tail, and the bounty on Chen’s head grows bigger with each moment.

A daring rescue turns into a dangerous chase, and Chen is along for the ride. Pixie Ghost crew take Chen on an explosive high-speed chase. Avoiding Captain Igor Roberts and his men, Chen stays with the pirate crew as they sail to safe harbor. But it’s difficult to hide from the universe when Chen is a heavy wanted man, and also the brother to President of the Galaxy. Turns out Chen has missed out on more than he knows while in hypersleep. Loyalty with thieves can change like the winds, can trust his new allies in this crazy moment?

Issue two follows up with a great action sequence that has pirate animal fighting against Royal British Space Marines. Tom Reilly and Ursula Decay funky creative designs of a retro-future are delightful.  It’s hilarious to see a scallywag British pitbull, speak like a Carribean pirate and handle a weapon. Jai Nitz’s swashbuckler story reveals some fun twist and turns, keep Chen Andalou for his next surprise. Chen’s troubles only become more complicated as he tries to find answers to his mystery in the next issue.

Astro Hustle #2 will be on sale on April 10th, 2019.

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