The Pull List – Livewire #5

Amanda is further committed to freeing young psiots from being used as weapons of destruction. Her battle with Pan reignited her fighting spirit, now tracking down children who have joined a new organization called the Psiot Safety and Education Program. Suspicious about the program, Amanda uses her technological powers to find answers on the internet. However, the Psiot Safety and Education Program is one step ahead. Will Amanda find new allies to help her cause, or will this new program enslave the next generation of psiots?

From the events unfolded over the future of psiots, the US government sponsored an organization to handle the containment of new psiots. Instead of forcibly kidnapping psiots, the Psiot Safety and Education Program accepts psiots that are willing to learn about their abilities. Although this is a peaceful option, Amanda is not convinced everything can be so simple. The Psiot Safety and Education Program claims it is trying to help psiots, but so did the Harada Foundation.

Vita Ayala lets Amanda stop running away from trouble and head towards it. This new story arc delves further into Amanda embracing her role as a rogue guardian. Amanda is still a wanted fugitive, but her sense of responsibility pushes her goals. Ayala introduces a new organization that allegedly offers unification of psiots but hasn’t revealed it’s true motivations.  Amanda threads carefully to learn more about the Psiot Safety and Education Program, but will she be able to keep her guard up for long. The next issue dives into the Psiot Safety and Education Program and where Amanda stands with it.

Livewire #5 will be on sale on April 10th, 2019.

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