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The Pull List – Xena: Warrior Princess #1

Posted on April 15, 2019 by

Once a ruthless warlord, Xena is a warrior on a path of redemption. Trained to be a deadly weapon, Xena was a conquer that slaughtered countless people to fulfill a thirst for power. Seeking to make amends of her past, she now uses her abilities to protect the innocent. With her companion Gabrielle, Xena seeks to restore order in a land ruled by corrupt champions, kings, and gods. 

In their latest adventure, Xena and Gabrielle find themselves aiding the village of Sideros, a mountain area terrorized by the goddess Discord. The goddess demands the lives of all the children of the village, warning all of the villagers will suffer if her order goes unanswered. It’s a race against time as Xena and Gabrielle discover the mysterious connection between Discord and the villagers, and find a way to save the children from harm. 

Xena returns to the comic book pages in this new series written by Vita Ayala, with illustrated by Olympia Sweetman and colors by Rebecca Nalty. This first issue has an excellent re-introduction to the characters with light comedy and fun action sequences. The plot quickly sets Xena’s newest adventure, jostling Xena and Gabrielle into their heroic duties. Viita retains all of Xena’s fierce warrior spirit while exploring a more sympathetic side to the character. The art is an excellent blend of fantasy action and visual comedy, adding some dramatic flair for a powerful emotional moment. 

Fans of the original TV show can easily pick up a copy and be reminded of the thrilling adventures with everyone’s family battle crying warrior princess. This new series has a promising beginning that will have Xena and Gabrielle fighting off great evils while looking awesome.

Xena: Warrior Princess #1 will be on sale on April 17th, 2019.

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