The Pull List – Punk Mambo #1

Powered by voodoo magic, Punk Mambo is a trash-talking rebel mystical investigator. With her loa companion Ayezan, Punk is a protector that holds back the supernatural from overriding Louisiana’s Bayou Country. Punk has taken on great evils before, but on the celebration of Saint John’s Eve, she encounters a foe like no other. Losing her connection to the spiritual world, Punk must seek out help to restore her powers and uncover the identity of a powerful villain.

Issue one opens with Punk Mambo investigating a case of missing people from the swamplands of the Bayou. It quickly established the core aspects of Punk, such as her powers and her cocky attitude. It’s awesome to see her voodoo powers are not just dolls and card reading. Her voodoo powers can summon Ayezan, a creature with connections to the underworld. And when that’s not enough, she can unleash some makeshift weaponry that is a visual delight to witness.

Punk Mambo aims to be a mix of horror and comedy. Cullen Bunn keeps Punk Mambo to be rude and unconventional, making her the unlikely hero that doesn’t follow the rules. Adam Gorham’s artwork has imaginative creature designs and crisp character expressions that really give each panel a dynamic pop. Punk Mambo embarks on a journey that will take her closer to the dead and beyond, and her voodoo powers will be put to the test in the next issue.

Punk Mambo #1 will be on sale on April 24th, 2019.

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