The Pull List – Fight Club 3 #4

A viral outbreak that has been spread from carrier to unsuspecting victims has taken over the nation. People have become prey to an anarchical program to culling the population. Balthazar finds himself and his family being targeted for elimination. Instead of leading the task, Tyler has become a victim of a new order. Die Off Endeavors, an organization inspired by Project Mayhem has become too out of control for even Tyler to handle. Now Balthazar has to ally with Tyler if they even want to protect their future.

The proverb “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” rings true for Tyler Durden. Balthazar and Tyler were at odds since the revelation of Project Mayhem and the fact that they both inhabit the same body. But a new enemy threatens both of them, particularly risking the life of Maria and her unborn baby. Tyler ideal world would have been achieved by the extermination of the societal structures, but Die Off Endeavors is even more destructive to Tyler’s desire.

This entry in the thrilling story of Fight Club 3 centers on Tyler’s response to the infectious design of Die Off Endeavors. Chuck Palahniuk presents Tyler as the leader cut off from control. This dramatic turning point reveals the extent of Tyler’s separation and how much he is absent from control.  Fans of the series that are familiar with Palahniuk’s work should know he cleverly works in the twist and turns to the plot, never letting the story ride in one direction for so long. Issue four gives cryptic clues to where the plot is heading and what’s lies ahead for Balthazar and Tyler. 

Fight Club 3 #4 will be on sale on April 24th, 2019.

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