The Pull List – Bad Luck Chuck #3

Arrested for arson, Chuck’s enemies have her right where they want her. Mob matriarch Mrs. Afolayan got her warehouse burnt down due to Chuck’s influence. Investigator Ean Sterling connected Chuck to a series of arson cases. Cult leader Papa Freedom found his “demon” to chastise in his sermons. While it may seem Chuck’s luck has turned on her, she gets a helping hand from people from her past.

Chuck’s latest case lands her into jail and her enemies can’t be anymore happier. In an effort to stop Mrs. Afolayan from escalating her tactics, Chuck fulfills a gig to burn down a warehouse. However, this was a trap that got her arrested with a corrupt police force and labeled an arsonist by Ean Sterling. Nevertheless, Chuck is used to having things go wrong. Usually with the help of good luck charms and trinkets to redirect her luck. But it’s a different mood when she is locked up with none of her special equipment. Instead of worry about herself, Chuck is worried about her luck causing terrible events around her.

Issue three does not pump the breaks for Chuck, sending her off from one misfortunate to another. Writer Lela Gwenn pushes Chuck up against a jail wall where her enemies have carefully waited to see. The sarcastic and reserved Chuck goes into a small panic to cope with her situation. There is some emotional depth to Chuck in these scenes and hints at the traumatic experiences that she does not want to repeat. Gwenn also introduces some characters from Chuck’s past, teasing more of Chuck’s origin. The issue has an excellent pace that keeps the story on track and center without sacrificing the character development along the way.

Bad Luck Chuck #3 will be on sale on May 29th, 2019.

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