The Pull List – Elvira: The Shape of Elvira #3

Elvira’s movie career takes a turn when two agents from the U.S Fish and Wildlife Department appear. Agents Roberts and Polito have a few questions for the rising starlet, particularly about her aquatic costar Gill. The agents explain that Gill is not a person in a latex costume, but an actual creature from the Amazon. Although Elvira has seen weird stuff before, she isn’t going to just take the word of two agents in black without question. Elvira digs for answers, unaware of the danger that waits behind the scenes.

Elvira learns that not everything is made with movie magic. The actor playing as the horror monster is revealed to be a real monster but has a soft side for Elvira. The super realistic costume and animalistic behavior isn’t method acting. The eccentric director Billy Bullworth lied about Gill’s true identity, but it isn’t the only thing he has kept secret. Continuing to shoot scenes for Bullworth, Elvira waits for an opportunity to look for clues. But Billy Bullworth didn’t make it this far in Hollywood without a few devious plans up his sleeves.

Issue three lets Elvira discover the not so shocking identity of the monster of The Heart is a Black Lagoon. The series has been working its way for this moment when Elvira connects some of the clues together. David Avallone gave Elvira plenty of time for her to explore her career as a B-movie actress. Elvira handled the strange events with jokes, writing off the oddities as erratic movie making. Yet Elvira finds a new role as a monster savior to help Gill. The story is building for a big finale where Elvira breakthrough role will help Gill break out from the movie set.

Elvira: The Shape of Elvira #3 will be on sale on June 5th, 2019.

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