The Pull List – Bronze Age Boogie #3

Martians invaders hold a gladiator game, an astronaut bear builds a rocket ship and bad movies make their way into the Oscars in this issue. Bronze Age Boogie: Who Watches the Walkman pits Lynda Darrk against Jackson Li in a duel set by the Martians. With Brita held captive, the two warriors face off to determine who can walk away from this battle. The third installment of Major Ursa follows Elvis discovering a prototype spacecraft based on his designs. The highly intelligent bear is forced to build his advance ship under the orders of a cruel Colonel. Also included is a short piece about a collection of oddball movies with strange plot synopsis’ in Oscar Nominations in the category “Best Film Pitched by a Child” written by Matt Buechele and illustrated by Russ Braun.

Bronze Age Boogie: Who Watches the Walkman finds the trio of heroes caught in a trap by the Martians. The barbarian Brita is tied up and dangled before Lynda Darrk and Jackson Li. In the ruins of a museum, Darrk and Li fight one another to amuse the Martians. Jackson’s lightning fast reflexes are put to the test against Lynda’s fury with a sword. The battle starts evenly matched, but ultimately there will be only one victor. Can the heroes figure a way out from this trap before they lose an ally by one of their own hand?

Stuart Moore spices up the story by turning allies into enemies in this thrilling chapter. In the previous issue, Moore had shown the fighting capabilities of Lynda Darrk and Jackson Li. The streetwise Lynda fights wildly with brute force while Jackson is a master martial artist that is trying to quell his emotions. Moore gives snippets details about Lynda and Jackson background. Lynda worries about her sister lost in the destroyed city and Jackson has some guilt about his dead father. Artist Alberto Ponticelli adds in some fun two paged wide panels to show off the intense action, showing a grand duel across a makeshift arena. With all the action taking place in this issue, the story’s biggest mysterious has yet to be revealed yet. The fourth issue looks to uncover the past and future as the Martian invasion gets even funkier.

Major Ursa Part Three sees Elvis being exploited by the jealous Colonel Thaddeus. Elvis’ schematics for a new model of spacecraft were stolen and used in a project by the Colonel. Enraged, Elvis wants no part with the construction until the Colonel threats to harm more bears if he does not help. Compelled to oversee the space ship, Elvis tirelessly works on the project. Elvis new found intelligence was seen as a gift, but now is a prisoner to it. However, Elvis former supervisor Selma still has hope for him to escape from his shackles.

Tyrone Finch adds a cruel twist for Elvis’ adventure. Elvis’ own designs are turned against him as he works to help Colonel Thaddeus command a new space ship. Finch shows a tense rivalry between Elvis and the Colonel that goes far beyond petty. Even before the space radiation evolved the Elvis, the Colonel was envious of Elvis for his space mission and the affection from Selma. The bitter Colonel takes his anger out on Elvis, knowing that Elvis does not have many options to retaliate. The story ramps up the tension towards the concluding chapter and will hopefully see who in the end will gets their just rewards.

Bronze Age Boogie #3 will be on sale on June 12th, 2019.

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