The Pull List – Calamity Kate #4

Kate’s time as a famous monster hunter brought her many joys as it did sorrows. As Calamity, Kate was able to vent her frustrations in battle and enjoy her new identity. Battling gigantic creatures came easy for Kate, her rival Javelin is overshadowing her ambitions. The heated rivalry turns into a scorching fight when Kate attempts to prove she has what it takes to be the best. Kate and Javelin settle their grudge, and let their swords do the talking!

In this dramatic finale, Kate’s reexamines her life and makes a big decision to correct her path. Monster hunting earned her praise and it allowed her to ignore her feels, but she has reached a breaking point. Realizing that she is doing more harm than good at Vera’s house, Kate decides to move on. But pushing forward doesn’t come easy when Javelin appears and wants one last battle. If Kate wants a new start, she will have to fight for it with everything she has left.

Calamity Kate has been an unconventional action series that experiments with quirky characters and stressful encounters. On the surface level, Calamity Kate is the wild and rowdy monster slayer that finds a way to solve every problem with her sword. However, the real Kate has emotional vulnerabilities that begin to interfere with her life. Creators Magdalene Visaggio and Corin Howell portray Kate with grounded development and flaws that people can relate to. Visaggio’s writing brought some amazing depth to Kate and explored Kate’s destructive attitude. Corin Howell and Valentia Pinto channel a lot of expressive artwork this time around. The panels have great emotional drive that emphasizes sadness and rage. 

The story’s conclusion has an unexpected finish that leads to a melancholy experience. While Calamity Kate has a good amount of action and comedy, the somber element that deals with grief slowly make its way to the top. The direction the plot takes is bold and resonates with anyone fighting their own demons.

Calamity Kate #4 will be released on June 12th, 2019.

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