The Pull List – Red Sonja #6

The Zamoran army has been chasing Sonja and her army across the unforgiving land of Hyrkania. Dragan The Magnificent suffered a few humiliating loses against the tiny forces, but finally a weaken to exploit. The Zamorans had captured Kyron, Sonja’s last living relative. Knowing Sonja will be desperate to save her family, Dragan has a bargaining chip to end the Hyrkanian resistance. However, Dragan does not just want Sonja to surrender; he is ready to unite the two kingdoms by marriage. Is Sonja the Red prepare to become Mrs. Magnificent?

The difficult choice between saving her people and rescuing Kyron weights heavy on Sonja. Dragan has plans to enslave the Hyrkanians, converting the area into one of his mindless kingdoms. Kyron is the last member of her family, the one true tie to Hyrkania that makes her feel home. With Dragan’s proposal, Sonja can save her last connection the past but puts the future of Hyrkania in danger.

Red Sonja delivers an amazing narrative from Mark Russell. Sonja’s hits an emotional crossroads that challenges her role as a queen than ever before. Russell ties in the previous experiences of Sonja that wonderfully links to her current situation. Every decision has an action and reaction, and Russell teases more gripping moments to come.

Red Sonja #6 will be on sale on July 3rd, 2019.

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