The Pull List – Bronze Age Boogie #4

Extra-Terrestrials, time travel, and a talking bear are what’s in store for Bronze Age Boogie #4. Bronze Age Boogie: You are a Magnet–I am Steel! brings Brita Constantina and Lynda Darrk from 1975 AD to 1975 BC. Elvis the astronaut bear faces off against the envious Colonel Thaddeus in the finale of Major Ursa Part Four. And a booze hound time traveler goes on a bender through history in The Tequila with Lime Machine, written by Bryce Ingman and art by Jacopo Camagni.

Bronze Age Boogie: You are a Magnet–I am Steel! brings the story back to the 1975 BC, a time where steel and magic rule the lands. Lynda Darrk finds the change of scenery a bit charming from her hometown of New York City. The barbaric clan, the wizards and surrounding forest is a different world than what she is used to. While the setting is distinctive, the enemy remains to be the invading Martians. Brita Constantina back to her father, but also back under his strict care. Brita’s trip through time has caused her father to worry and confines Brita from venturing out on her own. With all of the adventures and strange visions she has experienced, caging the wild princess works only for so long. Meanwhile, Jackson Li has been captured and tortured by alien beings. Mocking the martial artist for resisting, the aliens shock Li with a major revelation about their true purpose.

This chapter of Bronze Age Boogie returns to the mystical realm of the 1975 BC, which was already busy with the undead and evil wizards. The Martian threat adds to frustrations by King Domnall Constantine. This part of the story explores the feelings of a worried king, who has to face off a powerful foe and protect his daughter. Stuart Moore drops some stunning twist to the story, which covers a few of the unanswered questions. Time disperse Apes, vivid hallucinations, and Martians assaulting various time periods are explained and leave the readers yearning for more.

Major Ursa Part Four has Colonel Thaddeus confront Elvis and Selma as they tried to sneak off onboard the experimental craft Callisto. Having his designs stolen and repurposed for a more sinister application, Elvis wanted to fly his creation before Colonel Thaddeus had the chance. However, the Colonel has been waiting for Elvis and fighting each other as man and beast. With his love and loyalty challenged, will Elvis escape to the stars or will he be grounded forever?

The journey of the intelligent astronaut bear Elvis has been a fun, emotional ride. Tyrone Finch doesn’t simply introduce a talking bear and call it a day. Elvis finds love, heartbreak, and anger against a jealous rival that tries to undermine Elvis at every turn. Part Four brings the story to a satisfying finale that ends the story on an optimistic note. The world was not prepared to handle an astronaut bear, but this bear was ready to take on the world.

Bronze Age Boogie #4 was released on July 17th, 2019.

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