The Pull List – Red Sonja: Birth of the She-Devil #3

Traveling the rough seas finally brings Sonja and Ozzyus, along with a stowaway Elli, to the King Andol’s domain. But the kingdom has been overrun by Raka’s men and has pushed King Andol army from the city walls. Meeting with the survivors, Sonja is reunited with her long lost friend Shashana. But the Shashana she finds is far from the person she remembers, as Raka’s uncontrolled potion has infected Shashana’s mind. The only possible way to help Shashana is to find Raka and stop his terror from spreading.

Fighting her way across land and sea, Sonja is determined to hunt down Raka and make him pay for his betrayal. Sonja reckless attitude is a result of the guilt from Shashana’s involved in a scheme that went wrong and had cost Shashana’s freedom. Sonja would journey any distance, fighting any challenger and dive into any battle for a chance at her revenge.

Luke Lieberman and Sergio Davila bring a perfect blend of drama and action that keeps this series a page-turner. This issue deals with the fallout of Ozzyus and Sonja roles in Shashana’s enslavement and the ways they are trying to make amends with their past. The action is fast and chaotic, with crazed warriors trying to cut off limbs and heads at any moment. There will one heck of a bloody fight ahead when Sonja and Raka have their long-awaited confrontation in the final issue next month. 

Red Sonja: Birth of the She-Devil #3 will be available August 21st, 2019.

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