The Pull List – Killers #2

Ninja-G’s meeting with Ninja-J friendly visit turns into a fierce battle. Ninja-J was gathering information about the other ninjas and trying to figure out the mastermind behind the attacks. Ninja-G thought she could find an ally, but Ninja-J does not trust anyone’s word and prefers to find the truth with his fist. Their tussle is interrupted by masked assassins that have brought out the heavy artillery. Elsewhere, Shuriken, the daughter of the Jonin, meets Ninja-I. A former agent turned criminal, Ninja-I is known by as Snapdragon and has recently lost control of her territory. The Jonin offers Snapdragon a chance to regain her empire if she answers his request.

The NInja Programme product elite assassins and spies that eliminated their targets efficiently. But when they are targeted themselves, their methodical training goes out the window. Ninja-G had taken a hunch Ninja-J would start piecing together a list of clues to follow. However, Ninja-J won’t share his sources easily, leading to the start of a feud between the two. Snapdragon, a crime lord will do anything for a chance at saving her empire. The Jonin gathers his former pupils from across the globe, leading to death and destruction where ever they go.

There are a few boundaries these killers won’t cross as loyalty and service are replaced for retribution. B. Clay Moore presents some anti-heroes that will cut their way through anyone that tries to stop them, even if its one of their own. Fernando Dagnino gives Ninja-G a great action scene where she dances through ninja moves and weaponry, picking off her victims with each stroke of her hands.

Killers definitely earn its title in this issue and does not look to slow down anytime soon.

Killers #2 was released on August 28th, 2019.

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