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The Pull List – Killers #3

Posted on September 17, 2019 by

The Jonin’s competition heats up when Ninja-E is invited to the challenge. Ninja-E, going under the alias Sights, is a profession as a hitman. Combing his ninja training and his skills with a gun, Sights can take out targets from afar with deadly precision. Meanwhile, Ninja-G and Ninja-F have teamed up to retrieve Jonin’s item, but must first deal with Ninja-G lost Ki abilities. Years of inactive combat has disconnected Ninja-G from performing her best and has slowed her down. However, Ninja-F offers to examine her mind and help the disturbance. However, if the pair want to survive longer in the competition, then they must work fast to get back to full strength.

If ninjas and mystical abilities didn’t offer enough action in the series, Sights is prepared to take aim and fire off a few unbelievable rounds. Coming from the E generation of Ninjas, Sights is a skilled marksman that has traded his ninja gear for heavy firepower. In his introduction, Sights pulls off an amazing trick shot that uses his Ki abilities. One of his powers is changing a bullet’s trajectory. Shuriken invitation to help the Jonin interest Sights, but his reasons to help are unknown.

Master assassins let loose in this wild issue of Killers. They don’t answer to any handlers, agencies or laws. B. Clay Moore really lets the former ninjas use any means necessary and it results in some amazing display of carnage. Moore pushes the characters towards deeper into the anti-hero category, but some of these characters have easily crossed the line into villainy. Fernando Dagnino illustrations are intense and dynamic. The fight scenes immersive and background begin to crumble when the action picks up.

Issue three continues to be a thrilling action story that gives plenty narration the plot while delivering amazing action sequences, a great reader looking for a dose of adrenaline in their comics.

Killers #3  will be on sale on September 18th, 2019.
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