The Pull List – Fight Club 3 #9

Things get hot and heavy when Marla snags a ringer to help her infection count. Marla enlists the help of Chloe, a friend from Marla’s days of being a tourist in self-help groups. The two head to The Last Round-Up for a ladies night like no other. Meanwhile, Balthazar and Marla’s son gets a history lesson on biological warfare with a spirit guide, leading to a revelation of the next phase for humanity.

The Last Round-Up is the spot to be for drinks, drugs, and free love. The wild is enough on its own, but Chloe swings into leads into a frenzy. Soon Marla starts ranking up in the body count, all while in disbelief of her current predicament. At the same time, Balthazar finds out he’s been at the Last Round-Up before, just not exactly like himself. Walking around with his new cosmetic makeover, Balthazar witnesses a slew of kinks and some surprising news about his family.

Fight Club #3 isn’t shy to bare it all as the series ramps up to the big climax. Chuck Palahniuk and Cameron Stewart dive into some graphic territory, certainly giving the reader an eyeful in this issue. Just when Marla and Balthazar saw it all, Palahniuk places them into new depths, proving the bottom can go further.  The Last Round-Up has a ton of ranchy activities going on, letting Stewart show off some playful character setups.

Fight Club 3 is full of unusual and unpredictable moments that make it worth reading to see where the story will head to next.

Fight Club 3 #9 was released on September 25th, 2019.

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