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The Pull List – Red Sonja #10

Posted on November 12, 2019 by

On the run from Dragan and her former allies, Sonja is now an outlaw in her homeland. Fyodr, an adviser on Sonja’s court, lead a coup and declared himself King of Hyrkania. He immediately surrendered Hyrkania to Dragan, turning over control to the mad conquer. But even after Zamora has claimed Hyrkania, Dragan is still driven to defeat Sonja. Continuing his pursuit, Dragan sends his more of his army after Sonja, but this might turn the tide into Sonja’s favor.

With no allies and nowhere to hide, the Hyrkania high council lost fate in Sonja rule. Fyodr and a few others seized the throne while Sonja was away at the Tower of Wigur-Nomadene. It was Dragan’s influence that this was all possible, mainly by the effort of Foghor, Dragan’s loyal servant. Taking away Sonja’s kingdom was not enough for Dragan. Sonja is the only person that has been openly defied Dragan that has kept their head. Dragan’s feverish hunt for Sonja reminds her of one of Domo’s stories and realizes there is a chance to survive.

Sonja’s perilous adventure in Hyrkania remains to be a thrilling read. The shock of being betrayed by her own advisers leaves Sonja feeling sad, but not without hope. There aren’t any action sequences this time around, but the clever writing and fun characters keep the storyline interesting. This issue also fleshes out some of the background characters that will no doubt play a bigger part in the issues to come.

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