Alex Rider Jumps From the Page to TV (Trailer)

Based on the long-running series of YA spy novels by Anthony Horowitz, Sony is bringing teen spy Alex Rider to TV with a new series.  Starring Otto Farrant as Alex Rider, he’s recruited by MI6 after his spy uncle is killed and Alex learns that he’s been unknowingly trained from childhood to be a spy as well.  For his first mission, Alex goes undercover at a boarding school called Point Blanc and tries to uncover what the school’s connection to the deaths of two billionaires is.  Alex Rider actually already had an adaptation in 2006 as Stormbreaker, based on the first novel, and starred Alex Pettyfer as Alex but the movie was a massive bomb.  It’s not clear where exactly the TV series will air but it will be an 8 episode first season.  Check out the trailer below.

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