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New Release Round-Up: I Am Iron Man!

Iron Man is out this week!  Well, see you all next wee…Um, I’ve just been handed a note that says apparently other things are coming out this week.  Who knew? DVD Kick Ass Pick of the Week: Iron Man What else can we say about Iron Man?  RDJ is awesome as Tony Stark, the special […]

Admit One 9/19 PLUS Trailer Park

Hey everybody, TGIF right?  Because it’s Friday it’s time for Admit One, where we let you know what’s coming out in theaters this week and we also have some awesome new trailers to check out.  Here’s what’s out this week:

Top 5 Most Ridiculous Natural Disaster Movies

No offense to Steven Seagal but On Deadly Ground’s potential oil disaster (which Seagal probably exasperated by blowing up that oil refinery) is small potatoes compared to some of Hollywood’s other disasters. Here are our picks for the five most ridiculous. 5. Volcano Ah, Volcano, it came out at the peak of the 90’s disaster […]


If you can read this, then the site has officially moved over to our new host. What does this mean for you? Well, the opportunity to move gave me the opportunity to spruce up the site. As you can see, I went a little overboard. The result? A new cleaner, simpler look and feel. All […]

Site Status… RESTORED.

Okay, so the site was down, obviously. I was able to restore it with an older version of our theme that I had. So things might not look or feel the same. Also, the forum still does not work. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel though: we are strongly considering moving to […]

PiQ Magazine Mention

It won’t be out for another few weeks, but the June 2008 issue of PiQ Magazine contains a blurb from your lovely hosts about summer movies: The issue is Issue 3, June 2008 with Speed Racer on the cover. The blurb is on page 20. EDIT (5/13/08): Just got confirmation that the issue is out […]

KAMPC in PiQ Magazine!

Coming mid-May, you can catch a quick interview with the KICK ASS movie podcast crew on this year’s summer movies in PiQ Magazine. PiQ is a “monthly publication covering genre entertainment, ranging from anime to movies to comics to music, and the fan culture surrounding it.” Read about past movies we’ve enjoyed, our favorite upcoming […]

Another KICK ASS Guest Spot!

As mentioned before on the forums and on the last two shows, we recently did a guest spot on Theme Park Thrill Radio. What do theme parks and movies have to do in common? Well, think of all the great movie rides over the years. That’s what we discussed on air with the TPT crew […]

iTunes Comment Contest!

As announced on this week’s show (“The Last Starfighter”), we are holding a contest on the best comment on our podcast in the iTunes Music Store.

Bonus: Superbad DVD Extra

It took a lot of pondering and contemplating, but we finally hammered out 15 whopping categories for our Kick Ass Awards. One category I considered was the “Best DVD Extra”, which would be chock-filled with fantastic DVD extras from 2007’s DVD releases. My choice would be “Everyone Hates Michael Cera”, from the Superbad DVD. It’s […]