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Review: JCVD

EA takes a look at this stunning fictional portrait of action star Jean Claude Van-Damme.

“Commando” (1985)

Sometimes there are movies that just cannot be explained. Sometimes there are movies that are just so awesome you have to see them for yourselves. For us, the movie that started the awesome movies craze was Commando.

Admit One 5/1: Summer Begins

According to Fox, “Summer Officially Begins!” with X-Men Origins: Wolverine. We’re off and running with the big movies of the year.

Top 5 Movie Shootouts

Like Michael Scott once said, “What is the most exciting thing that can happen on TV or movies, or in real life? Someone has a gun.” Here are our picks for the top 5 best shootouts in movie history.

Site Updates!

Hey folks, just let you all know that the podcast archives will mostly be MIA as we do some upgrades. Also, after we’re done, all of the podcast ep posts will be tagged for easier searching. We are also aware of the frequent DB errors plaguing the site and are working round-the-clock to get them […]

Kick Ass Meets Awesome Bad

Co-host Zach chatted it up tonight with the dudes from Awesome Badness. The topic? The upcoming 81st Academy Awards. Predictions and more! Click on the link below to download the episode, which was recorded live. Listen Now!