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Ever since I was bitten by a radioactive video store employee and then hit by toxic waste, I have been able to withstand the mind numbing effects of terrible movies.
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Preview of Halo: Outpost Discovery Philadelphia

The sci-fi action Halo franchise is becoming a real-life exhibit and has begun to tour around major cities across America.  Halo: Outpost Discovery is a three-day event that gives fans a chance for a hands-on experience with interactive attractions and meeting the people behind the beloved universe. Every location has some slight changes to the […]

The Pull List – Vampirella #1

Vampirella celebrates her 50th anniversary in style with a return to the comic pages in her own series from Dynamite. The vampiric warrior from the planet Drakulon traveled to Earth many years ago in search of blood. Learning to empathize with the humans, Vampirella takes an oath to protect her new planet. Peacefully living among […]

The Pull List – The Life and Death of Toyo Harada #5

With reports of Toyo Harada’s death spread across the world, the last allies decide on what to do next.  Edward Sedgewick, codename Stronghold, remains loyal to Harada and guards the space elevator. However, the anti-Harada forces pressure the few Harbinger groups to surrender. Without Toyo Harada in command, can his team protect Harada’s vision or […]

EA at TooManyGames 2019

This entry is part in the series EA at TooManyGames
  When a convention packs in a ton of games, collectibles, content creators and activities under one roof, there is never too many things to do. This year’s TooManyGames expanded into four halls of The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, which provided ample space to roam around. From June 21 to the 23rd, TMG offered plenty […]

The Pull List – The Boys Omnibus Volume Three

When superheroes take a summer vacation, that doesn’t mean the Boys get a break. In fact, it might bring out the worst in everyone. Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson violent take on superheroes return in The Boys Omnibus Volume Three. This third volume collects the complete mini-series of Herogasm and the regular issues #31-#38. This […]

The Pull List – Xena: Warrior Princess #4

Xena, Gabrielle, and Discord find themselves at the snowy forest of the Russian Taiga. Exchanging the tropical jungle for freezing temperatures, the new location gives the group some troubles. Gabrielle falls ill from the cold weather and needs shelter from the elements. Luckily, Discord stumbles onto a strange hut with a courteous healer that takes […]

The Pull List – Red Sonja: Birth of the She-Devil #2

Sonja and Ozzyus set out to defeat Raka, but must first find safe passage across the Vilayet Sea. Ozzyus paid a group of pirates to wait for his return with Sonja, but that was before Sonja became a wanted fugitive. With a price on Sonja’ head for murdering a sultan, Ozzyus’s hired help might try […]

The Pull List – Second Coming #1

It’s been over two millennia’s since Jesus walked the land and hope to bring humanity back to a paradise. But Jesus was denied his return and stayed in heaven with God. But the hero Sunstar has been giving humans hope and gains the attention from God himself. Inspired by Sunstar’s heroics, God sends Jesus to […]

The Pull List – The Six Million Dollar Man #5

Rebuilt and broken, then rebuilt again, Steve Austin has reduced the value of his million dollar parts. After making a crash landing into Hawaii, Steve, and Niko Abe must figure out a way to stop Amari’s plan to kill the vice president. But the two agents have a few problems to handle first. First, they […]

Preview of Empire Game Expo 2019

The creators of RetroGameCon present a spin-off event called the Empire Game Expo. Located at the Red Lion Hotel in Albany, NY, Empire Game Expo is a one-day event packed with tons of activities for gamers of all ages. This show will feature voice actors, game developers, and a few musical guest. There is a […]