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Ever since I was bitten by a radioactive video store employee and then hit by toxic waste, I have been able to withstand the mind numbing effects of terrible movies.
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The Pull List – Aliens Predator Prometheus AVP: Fire and Stone TPB

Welcome to planet LV-223, known for the doomed USCSS Prometheus expedition and marked as an abandon moon in the star system. 100 years after the events of Prometheus has brought new life on the planet, drawing a generation of new explorers to pick up from where the crew of Prometheus had left off. These explorers, a Weyland-Yutani Corporation  […]

The Pull List – Life Between Panels: The Complete Tails Omnibus TPB

To a person pursing a passion project, the hardships to follow a dream and make it a reality seems incredibility tough. Aside from the factors to get a project started, the internal conflicts alone can halt the processes in the beginning. From self criticism, the nagging hunt for perfection and the anxiety of doubt makes […]

The Pull List – Zero Jumper #1

In a distance time, the last remaining human attempts to save the Earth at the cost of her life. Juno, a teenage girl equipped with advanced technology enhancements to help her bend time and space is on a mission to harvest energy to power the Zero Jump engine, a machine capable of fixing the Earth. […]

The Pull List – Go West #2

Slade’s path of revenge leads him to “Lost Vegas”, a humble town protected by the fierce Lilly. Lilly oversees the protection of Lost Vegas, keeping order to the town and punishing anyone that tries to destroy it. Slade’s seeks out Lilly’s help to take on the Creep, the man responsible for Slade’s murdered family. Meanwhile, […]

The Pull List – Doppelganger #3

The battle for Dennis Zimmann’s life continues in the third chapter of Doppelganger. Regular Dennis’s attempt to stop Evil Dennis is turned against him and makes a quick escape with his best friend Ricardo. Meanwhile Evil Dennis has moved up the corporate ladder at Dennis workplace. Evil Dennis manipulations earned a new promotion and new found attention. Evil Dennis seems to […]

Preview of Pax East 2018

This entry is part 1 in the series EA at Pax East 2018
It’s that time again when Zach and Chris head out to Boston to try the latest games, meet cool developers and take part in the huge nerd scene known as PAX East on April 5-8 2018. Being one of the biggest gaming expos on the East Coast, PAX East draws in huge crowds, over 80,000+ […]

The Pull List – Hungry Ghost #3

The next set of tales focuses on the intense lives of chefs, both inside and outside the kitchen. The first tale Deep written by Anthony Bourdain and Joel Rose, and illustrated by Sebastian Cabrol, tells the story about a young chef apprentice dealing with the abusive kitchen environment, receiving extra torment from a head sous chef. […]

The Pull List – Usagi Yojimbo: The Hidden #1

In the next installment for in Miyamoto Usagi’s adventure, Usagi and Inspector Ishida are put on a case to identity two corpses. These corpses were found abandon and show signs of travel on their body. However, Usagi and Inspector Ishida discover a talisman left behind that will begin their investigation. Usagi Yojimbo: The Hidden is a seven part […]

The Pull List – Quantum And Woody #4

After spending a full day on a plane, reminiscing about the family goat, brotherly bickering and annoying Negative One, Quantum and Woody finally arrive in Sydney Australia. Woody is still bitter about Eric withholding the information about his biological father Rutherford Van Chelton. He feels that it wasn’t something that should had been kept a […]

The Pull List – Ninjak #5

Learning of about the existence of the Acclimation Bureau, Ninjak agrees to help Ninja-C dig deeper for more answers behind the covert operations of hidden by MI-6 . Ninja-C is one step closer to getting his revenge for all the torment he gave to the Ninja Programme, looking to destroy the Acclimation Bureau at it’s source. Ninjak […]