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Ever since I was bitten by a radioactive video store employee and then hit by toxic waste, I have been able to withstand the mind numbing effects of terrible movies.
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The Pull List – Death Orb #3

The Rider and Carvell attempt to rescue Pilot, a young telepathic and brilliant engineer, from a group of marauders sent by Father. After fighting their way to Pilot’s hideout, they are met with a Ninja, who is standing guard and ready for a fight. To complicate the situation, another wave of marauders are fast approaching their position. […]

The Pull List – Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Terror #2

Edgar Allan Poe is back for more storytelling while under the influence. The first story, Poe tells the tale of Ligeia, a story of an unnamed narrator and his Ligeia, a beautiful and mysterious woman with connections to dark arts. A strange sickness weakens Ligeia and the narrator’s marriage begins to unravel into something very strange. The second story, […]

The Pull List – Faith: Dreamside #3

Faith and Dr. Mirage leave the physical realm and travel into the Dreamside, a reality for the afterlife. The two search for Monica Jim, who was taken by angered spirits in the night, and have locked her inside a cave. To Faith’s surprise, the Dreamside is cheery; flowers giggle, trees smile and the road is […]

The Pull List – Stranger Things #3

Will manages to contact his mother from the Upside Down but is forced to abandon communications after the demogorgon followed Will’s trail. Fleeing to other areas, Will encounters more unusual sights and traces of visitors that found the Upside Down. Eerie radio transmissions, dead victims and portals to the outside world appear. Something is connecting the two worlds […]

The Pull List – Rick and Morty #44

The superhero team known as the Vindicators have tracked their nemesis Worldender to Earth, and they seek Rick Sanchez for help. Star-Lord, Supernova, Crocubot, Alan Rails, Million Ants, along with their other allies try to convince Rick to fight Worldender. Morty is excited to discover that superheroes exist and eagerly wants to be part of the team. However, […]

The Pull List – Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: 1956 #1

In their assignments set in 1956, the Burea for Paranormal Research and Defense is tasked with investigating suspicious activity in Mexico. Reports of strange creatures, demonic possessions, and dark rituals all point to a mysterious element that requires the B.P.R.D. to stop it. Hellboy and two recently promoted trainees head off to Mexico, while Professor Bruttenholm heads […]

The Pull List – High Heaven #3

Sometimes the person you hate the most, could be the only person that can help you. David finds out his new roommate is his former friend Ben, the person responsible for misleading David that eventually caused his death. Just when heaven can’t seem to be any worst, now his most hated person is sharing his […]

The Pull List – Rick and Morty Presents Pickle Rick

The Emmy award-winning episode of Rick and Morty that had fans mad about pickles is back and even more fermented than before. In this adaptation of the famous episode, Rick has turned into a pickle to avoid spending time with his family in therapy. Tired of Rick’s lies, Beth, Summer and Morty head to therapy to discuss […]

The Pull List – Quantum and Woody #12

Quantum and Woody have successfully sealed away the Infomercial into a different universe with their quantum powers. The unlikely heroes have now gained the attention from G.A.T.E as saviors, but something that could be a threat. Colonel Capshaw offers Quantum and Woody a chance to join the big leagues and become candidates for a new team in Unity, Earth’s […]

The Pull List – Captain Ginger #2

When birth rates in the spaceship Indomitable pass the normal levels, Captain Ginger and his crew face new population issues. With an influx of feral cats begun to threaten the safety of the ship, Captain Ginger prepares to bring balance to the unruly community. But first, Sergeant Mittens, Captain Ginger’s second in command, has been demoted to Litterbox […]