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Ever since I was bitten by a radioactive video store employee and then hit by toxic waste, I have been able to withstand the mind numbing effects of terrible movies.
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The Pull List – Faith’s Winter Wonderland Special #1

Get into the holiday season with Valiant Comic’s Faith Herbert, also known by her code name Zephyr. When she is not busy teaming up with the Renegades, collection comic books or casually flying in the sky, she’s off taking a winter break. In Faith’s Winder Wonderland Special #1, Faith is on a little vacation and […]

The Pull List – Rasputin: The Voice of The Dragon #2

Professor Trevor Bruttenholm continues his instigation of the super natural events caused by Grigori Rasputin involved with the Third Reich. In the previous issue, a reanimated corpse terrorized a pub that Bruttenholm was visiting. Bruttenholm  reporting his findings of his investigating and his own account of encountering the undead go ignored by his superiors at the British Intelligence. […]

The Pull List – Usagi Yojimbo #164

Issue 164 continues the story arc of Mouse Trap; a plot that involves Nezumi the thief, the police force of Usagi and inspector Ishida, and the Black Goblin Gang. After the Black Goblin Gang had framed Nezumi for murder, Usagi and Ishida have been investigating into the corruption at the town mint, tracking down into who has been stealing pure […]

The Pull List – John Wick #1

We’ve seen what happens when you kill John Wick’s dog. We’ve also seen what happens when you blow up John Wick’s house. But what happens to John Wick before he was the most feared assassin? Before he was the Baba Yaga? Dynamite’s John Wick issue 1 takes place before the events of the movies and starts the […]

The Pull List – Eternity #2

Eternity #2 picks up as Divinity (Abram Adams) and his wife Myshka traveled into a unknown universe to search for their missing son. The two explore the planets, following the trail left behind from the Brothers of the Bomb, an alien cult that believes the earth child is the key for their future. Abram and Myshka find […]

The Pull List – Doppelganger #1

Meet Dennis Zimmann, a good natured computer programmer who loves playing card games and taking care of his family. He has a best friend that’s always there for him and a co-worker that looks out for him. He can’t seem to get far up into his career and is being bullied by upper management. His […]

The Pull List – Amazing Age #4

In the aftermath of a devastating explosion at the super hero headquarters of the Patriots, the members of S.A.V.E leave to to search for survivors and leave Sam, Violet and Mike in the care of Jumper and Titan at S.A.V.E base. Meanwhile, the super villain group known as “The Chosen”, a ruthless group lead by Gee, have […]

The Pull List: Ninjak #1

Secret agents, ninjas and explosions, Ninjak contains all the fun action high points to interest any big action fan. Taking inspirations from spy movies, ninja lore and super hero antics, Ninjak is an action packed character that uses both his wits and his martial art skills for the highest bidder. Colin King, a British spy […]

The Pull List – Rasputin: The Voice of The Dragon #1

Writers Mike Mingola and Chris Roberson, and artist Christopher Mitten are revealing more about the mystic Grigori Rasputin in Rasputin: The Voice of The Dragon, a five part mini series that delves into the past of the Hellboy universe. Set in the early years of the WWII, Rasputin: The Voice of The Dragon explains Rasputin introduction to […]

The Pull List: Harbinger Renegades #0

The latest Harbinger Renegades volume starts with the H.A.R.D Corps, a government combat unit of highly trained individuals that have been given enhancements to fight against super humans known as Harbingers. Harbingers display fantastic psionics abilities, and are labeled as psiots. The H.A.R.D Corps latest assignment is to track down Alexander Solomon, an ex government […]