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Ever since I was bitten by a radioactive video store employee and then hit by toxic waste, I have been able to withstand the mind numbing effects of terrible movies.
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The Pull List – Bloodshot: Rising Spirit #1

Before he was the deadly nanite enhanced super-soldier Bloodshot, the man he was before lived a tragic life. But the actual origins of Bloodshot beginnings have been a carefully planned deception. The life Bloodshot had before was eased and replaced with false memories, manipulation Bloodshot for other’s benefits. Captured and undergoing a reprogramming, Bloodshot’s mental state begins […]

The Pull List – God of War #1

After the Gods of Olympus were defeated, Kratos had left to find a new place to rest his weary head. But it seems no matter where he goes, chaos follows. Kratos had rebuilt his life in a remote area of the Norse wildlands. Starting a family, raising a son and silencing the rage that had […]

EA at NYCC 2018

If it was October, it was time for New York Comic Con. This recent October gathered over 200,000 attendees to take part in four days of the annual celebration of fandom in the streets of Manhattan. Fanboys, movie stars, comic creators and everything in between were in attendance. Everything Action’s own Chris was at the […]

The Pull List – The Wrong Earth #3

A Dragonflyman’s work is never done, no matter what world he’s in. Dragonflyman is handling integrating two corrupt cops in the Bug House holding cell in Earth-Omega. Trying to understand the world he is in, Dragonflyman can’t bare all the sights that go against his morals. Corruption, greed, and violence rules these streets of Fortune City […]

The Pull List – The Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion #2

Talking to the living or talking to the dead doesn’t matter to Klaus Hargreeves, codename The Séance. He has been gifted the ability to communicate with spirits and perform telekinetic feats, but this was never enough for him. Recovering from the events of The Umbrella Academy: Dallas, Klaus is now part of a satanic biker gang that uses […]

The Pull List – Death Orb #2

The Rider awakens to find himself captured by a group of survivors hiding in the wastelands. The group’s leader, Carvell, carefully listens to the Rider and determines he is not a threat to their safety. In fact, the Rider’s mission to hunt down Father is something the group is willing to aid and ask the […]

The Pull List – Faith: Dreamside #2

Faith and Monica sneak their way out of a backlot studio tour for a chance to speak with Shan Fong Mirage, also known as Dr. Mirage, the paranormal investigator. Together with the spirit of her deceased husband, Hwen, Dr. Mirage has experienced many ghostly adventures. Monica makes a plea for help, she is haunted by the spirits […]

The Pull List – Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Terror #1

The master of the mysterious and macabre is back in comic form to tell spooky horror stories while having a few drinks. Edgar Allan Poe plays host to several short stories that deal with frightful horrors and some grime consequences. In the first story, The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar, Poe introduces a […]

The Pull List- Stranger Things #2

Will Byers finds himself in a nightmare version of home, trying to hide from the monstrous demogorgon. But he finds the bravery to make a stance against his fears and fends off the beast with his grand father’s hunting rifle. After, Will makes an attempt to communicate back to his reality and let someone know […]

The Pull List – High Heaven #2

Bunk Beds, Peanut Crackers and one channel TV isn’t enough for David Weather’s idea of Heaven. After suffering a humiliating moment before his death, he thought things would turn around in the afterlife. To his misery, the afterlife is full of things that he can’t stop complaining about. But there might be some chance to […]