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Ever since I was bitten by a radioactive video store employee and then hit by toxic waste, I have been able to withstand the mind numbing effects of terrible movies.
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The Pull List – Red Sonja #5

Dragan The Magnificent pushes the Zamoran army further into Hyrkania. The Zamorans pillaging and destroying everything in their path. Those who cannot escape become enslaved the people or slaughtered. The clever tactics she has used caused setbacks for Dragan but his army quick remobilizes. The Hyrkanians retreat to a safe distance, but Dragan manages to […]

The Pull List – Elvira: The Shape of Elvira #3

Elvira’s movie career takes a turn when two agents from the U.S Fish and Wildlife Department appear. Agents Roberts and Polito have a few questions for the rising starlet, particularly about her aquatic costar Gill. The agents explain that Gill is not a person in a latex costume, but an actual creature from the Amazon. […]

The Pull List – Mystery Science Theater 3000 #6

The stories of public domain comics get brought back for one last round of experimenting. Jonah Heston, Crow T. Robot, and Tom Servo are reaching the end of their comic stories and ready for their strange grand finale. Jonah becomes a hostage in a plan to draw out Blackcat. Tom Servo tries to escape a […]

The Pull List – The Forgotten Queen #4

In the past, Vexana has turned Vlad Tepe into a barbaric warlord. With Vexana’s power, Vlad gained a thirst for blood that seems to never be quenched. A group of heroes, under the banner called Unity, traveled to Wallachia and put a stop to Vlad and Vexana. Gilad Anni-Padda, known as the Eternal Warrior, reveals […]

The Pull List – Punk Mambo #2

Brought in to a church by a magical cult of voodoo followers, Punk Mambo meets a council of Voodoo Gods. The Gods directed Punk Mambo to track the demonic thief known as Uncle Gunnysack. This was the same demon that snatched up Mambo’s loa companion Ayezan and is responsible for many other disappearances. Reluctantly accepting […]

The Pull List – Bloodshot: Rising Spirit #7

Project Rising Spirit successfully implants a memory that alters Bloodshot’s mind. Director Cormac had used a radical procedure to insert a false identity and celebrates the experiment’s completion. However, the director is unaware of the consequences of his radical action and a sadistic Bloodshot goes on a rampage. Doctor Olga Strauss and Colonel Gavin Daube, […]

The Pull List – Bad Luck Chuck #3

Arrested for arson, Chuck’s enemies have her right where they want her. Mob matriarch Mrs. Afolayan got her warehouse burnt down due to Chuck’s influence. Investigator Ean Sterling connected Chuck to a series of arson cases. Cult leader Papa Freedom found his “demon” to chastise in his sermons. While it may seem Chuck’s luck has […]

The Pull List – Hellboy vs. Lobster Johnson: The Ring of Death One Shot

Mike Mignola and Chris Roberson revisit two strange tales from Hellboy’s past in this one-shot comic. In the 1950s Hellboy secretly costarred in a movie with the luchador Lobster Johnson in Ring of Death. Hellboy stumbles on a screening of the film and gets uncomfortable on the couch for a horror movie night. In a […]

Gamebox 2.0: Games of May 2019

Gamebox 2.0 is back and we got to play a new batch of games for this edition, including new editions of cult classics Blood and Project Nimbus, the latest from Punch Club and Graveyard Keeper developer Lazy Bear Games and more

The Pull List – Fight Club 3 #5

Die Off Endeavors’ diabolical virus arrives at the doorsteps of Marla Singer. An infected mover tries to seduce the Marla to add to his count of carriers. Meanwhile, Balthazar and Tyler are stuck at a Die Off Endeavors seminar. They had hoped to learn something about the organization, but are shown useless marketing than actual […]