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Ever since I was bitten by a radioactive video store employee and then hit by toxic waste, I have been able to withstand the mind numbing effects of terrible movies.
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The Pull List – John Wick #3

John Wick makes an explosive reunion with Buffalo, the last of the remaining Three Bills. After carefully making up his way to Buffalo, John is prepared for a fierce fight with his former tormentor in El Paso, Texas. This has been twelve years in the making, ever since John witnessed the Three Bills gun down innocent […]

The Pull List – Quantum and Woody #10

A large monster from space crashed landed and has begun to attack the city, flooding the streets and cause a mass panic. An army platoon has been sent to try and stop the monster, but this might be a job that only the world’s worst superhero duo is better suited to handle. Still managing the changes […]

The Pull List – Stranger Things #1

When the citizens of Hawkins, Indiana were desperately trying to find Will Byers in 1983, he was stuck in the alternate universe known as  “The Upside Down”. Adjusting to his new surroundings, Will explores his twisted copy of his hometown, finding the means to survive on his own and locating a way back to his own world. […]

The Pull List – The Terminator: Sector Wars #2

The T-800 has sent officer Lucy Castro on the ride through the streets of NYC. After ramping through Lucy’s apartment and damaging her squad car, the T-800 makes it very clear it intends to eliminate Lucy by any means possible. Earning a moment to catch her breath, Lucy tries to make sense of the situation. An […]

The Pull List – Usagi Yojimbo: The Hidden #6

Nezumi has set up a meeting for Usagi and Inspector Ishida to meet with Oda the thief. Oda, who had taken an object from the murdered Kirishitan, shows the two a crumpled page contained the translated text of a Kirishitan bible. This is highly illegal and against the Shogunate governing. The Shogunate had been aggressively banning and eliminating all […]

The Pull List – Mata Hari #5

The Mata Hari reveals the last chapter of her life and prepares for a final performance. Margaretha Zelle-MacLeod has lived the grand life as Mata Hari for a few years, gaining popularity and the allure of a goddess. People watch with delight as Mata Hair dances on stage, and men throw themselves at her for her […]

The Pull List – She Could Fly #3

Bill Meigs and Luna Brewster have finally crossed paths. Bill has been hunting down the technology used to create the Flying Woman’s jetpack and Luna has been obsessing about the life of Flying Woman, Mayura Howard. These two have been searching for more information about Mayura and now have come to a mutual agreement to help […]

The Pull List – Ninjak #11

The possed Eternal Warrior has finally re-emerged, but the MI6 will only assign Ninjak a mission if he agrees to a deal.  The powerful spirit, Dying One, was a previous foe from The Coalition and is currently controlling the Eternal Warrior’s body. His current whereabouts are only known by MI6, and they will disclose that information […]

The Pull List – Mystery Science Theater 3000 #1

If the crew of the Satellite of Love didn’t suffer enough from being forced to watch terrible movies, the crew now find themselves transformed into the 2D world of terrible comics. The evil scientist Kinga Forrester has a new experiment for Jonah Heston, Crow T. Robot, and Tom Servo and it involves comics. Kinga has a new technology that […]

The Pull List – American Gods: My Ainsel #6

With no clues on the whereabouts of the missing teen Alison, Shadow takes a trip with Mr. Wednesday out into the quiet planes of South Dakota to visit another god. Instead of driving Mr. Wednesday’s sleek Lincoln town car, the pair ride in a beat up Winnebago, exploring the countryside in a not so fashionable style. However, […]