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Ever since I was bitten by a radioactive video store employee and then hit by toxic waste, I have been able to withstand the mind numbing effects of terrible movies.
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The Pull List – American Gods: My Ainsel #1

If you are like us, and have been waiting for production of American Gods season 2 to get started, nothing better to fill that void than getting a taste of the comic version of the American Gods novel. The first series was released in 2015, spanning 12+ issues and releasing around the time the TV […]

Gamebox 2.0: Immortal Disease Effect Edition

In this edition of Gamebox 2.0, we got to check out more new, interesting games on PC and console including old-school, rogue-like shooter Immortal Redneck, medical sim Bio Inc. Redemption, sci-fi exploration game The Station and much more.

The Pull List – Koshchei The Deathless #3

Koshchei’s dragon hunt is almost complete as there is only one remaining dragon in the world. However, it is the same dragon that had given Koshchei his powers. Faced with the a moral dilemma, Koshchei still pursues in completing the agreement with Baba Yaga for annihilation of dragons. In an act of love and respect for Koshchei, the […]

The Pull List – Rasputin: The Voice of The Dragon #5

As the Tomb of Ra is cracked up, it is only a matter of time for Rasputin and his scientist team to break the protective barrier on Ra’s sarcophagus. Trevor Bruttenholm and A.N. Sandhu successfully infiltrated the Tomb, but finally encountering the puppet master that has been hiding in the dark for so long. Bruttenholm investigation has lead […]

The Pull List – Hungry Ghost #2

The second course is served in the next set of chilling tales from the chefs. The first tale is Salty Horse, taking placing in the Spanish country side with Don Haro, a man with a feverish craving for horse meat. Some people may regard horses as unappetizing animals, Don Haro’s obsession with the horse meat […]

The Pull List – Quantum And Woody #3

Before Quantum And Woody travel down to Australia for a “family reunion”, issue #3 flashes back to very special moment of when the family goat went into labor. In a prior Quantum And Woody story, Thomas Edison (Yes, that Mr. Electricity), sent his goons to ambush Quantum And Woody, and their goat that contained the memories of their […]

The Pull List – Ninjak #4

NInja-C revaluation to Ninjak (Ninja-K) about the Acclimation Bureau proves to be true. Behind every ninja agent in the MI6 programme, there was a team of agents carefully organizing events to keep the ninja agents in line. A field agent could not mix spy work and a normal life while being an activate agent and […]

The Pull List – Giants #3

In a world where monsters literally roam, finding ways to survive are desperate measures.  Giants #3 picks up a few days after the Gogi is rescued by the surface scavenger group The Forsaken. Gogi had fallen ill from his injuries and need to fully recover. He had spend the time anxiously waiting to be lead back to […]

The Pull List – Koshchei The Deathless #2

Koshchei continues his tale of his dragon hunt to Hellboy while the two sit in a pub in hell. Koshchei had made a deal with Baba Yaga to lead him back to his soul in exchange for killing the last dragons in the world. Koshchei is given a magic ball of string that will guide Koshchei to his […]

The Pull List – Armstrong and the Vault of Spirits #1

How can a wine tasting go so wrong? Maybe there is not enough glasses? The wine didn’t breathe long enough? Someone brought the wrong kind of cheese? But if it’s Armstrong’s wine tasting, it could be a case of masked and armed villains looking to crash it. Armstrong, a fun loving immortal and occasional hero, has invited […]