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Ever since I was bitten by a radioactive video store employee and then hit by toxic waste, I have been able to withstand the mind numbing effects of terrible movies.
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The Pull List – Eternity #4

Time and space come to a halt as Divinity and Myshka come to understand their purpose in the universe and how their child will preventing the annihilation of all existence. Myshka had learned the truth of the Observer’s role in the universe; the Observer is a god like entity that creates and watches life all over the infinite span […]

The Pull List – Hungry Ghost #1

Food isn’t the only thing being cooked up in the kitchen. Sometimes its pissed off spirits. Anthony Bourdain returns to comics to whip up a new series that blends the kitchen attitude with grim realities. Hungry Ghost is an anthology of haunted tales inspired by horror stories around the world. Taking inspiration by the Japanese Edo period […]

The Pull List – Quantum And Woody #2

Brotherly fighting is expected between siblings, toss in super powers into the mix, there will more damages than cuts and bruises.  Eric Henderson held back the one secret thing that Woody Henderson wanted to know more than everything in the world–the truth about his biological father. Eric has hung up his costume and is working as a guard […]

The Pull List – Grendel Tales Omnibus Vol 2

If you think the Grendel tale ended with Hunter Rose, you have so much more to discover about the mantle of Grendel and it’s long legacy. Hunter Rose created the mask villain Grendel to climb to the top of New York City’s criminal empire, forging a massive following that would later influence many others to […]

The Pull List – Ninjak #3

Ninjak gets closer to the truth and finds himself in the path of Ninja-C, a veteran agent that was believed to be long dead. An early agent from MI6 “Ninja Programme”, Ninja-C was personality trained by Ninja-B and isolated himself from the spy game after a violent escape from the reaches of MI6. However, Ninja-C remains […]

The Pull List – Predator: Hunters TPB Edition

Its hunters vs hunters in a Predator tale that spans over thirty years of Predator lore. Through out history, Predators have visited earth to conduct their ritualistic hunts; finding the strongest and deadliest humans and collecting their skull as trophies. A few humans have survived a Predator encounter, and only a rare handful have killed […]

The Pull List – Doppelganger #2

Dennis Zimmann is not giving up his life to his evil doppelganger without a fight. Evil Dennis has started to take over Dennis role at his home and his job. Retaining of of Dennis’s memories and skills, evil Dennis is free to shape a new identity.  Meanwhile the real Dennis turns to his best friend and […]

The Pull List – Go West #1

A re-imagined western sets the new world of Go West, a three part mini series by Garret Gunn, Sean Forney and Saint Yak. Go West is set in the New West, a post apocalyptic earth where civilization has regressed back to the times of the American Wild West after a massive war. The tortured hero […]

The Pull List – Amazing Age #5

It’s time for the big show down with Sam, Violet and Mike against Gee and his super villain group. After a large ambush on the S.A.V.E base that leaves the three friends taken hostage, the remaining heroes are force to surrender. While Sam and Violent have just began to harness their super abilities, gaining the powers of the […]

The Pull List – Koshchei The Deathless #1

After countless battles, dealing with all sorts of magical creatures and figuring out what to do in Hell, can’t two guys enjoy a beer in a pub? Hellboy and Koshchei the Deathless find themselves in a pub in Hell that gives the two warriors a little time off. While they sit and drink the two talk […]