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Ever since I was bitten by a radioactive video store employee and then hit by toxic waste, I have been able to withstand the mind numbing effects of terrible movies.
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The Pull List – Giants #2

In the next installment of Giants, Gogi and Zedo have been separated from each other after a dangerous gathering mission gone wrong. Gogi finds himself on the frozen top surface of the world in a desolate ruin city covered in snow. He finds help in a group of young survivors lead by an older boy named Uron. With […]

The Pull List – Secret Weapons #0

Super powers are awesome, some are blessings and some are curses. But what happens to super powered people when their special abilities are kind slightly above the average human. Valiant Comics explores the idea with Secret Weapons, a team of pisiots (people with incredible physical and mental abilities) that were recruited to be trained to […]

The Pull List – Eternity #3

Eternity #3 starts with a clash between the Future-Light and Past-Light, the two groups fighting over Divinity and Myshka’s child. Divinity with all of his immense power, refuses to participate in the violence, watching the two groups meaningless battle gives him a passive perspective about the whole conflict. Neither side is right or wrong, but with the balance maintaining […]

The Pull List – Usagi Yojimbo #165

Issue 165 takes place in the aftermath of the head treasurer Hatamoto Asano is assassinated. Usagi and inspector Ishida piece together the clues left behind by the Black Goblin Gang and Nezumi the thief to lead them to meeting area between the boss of the Black Goblin Gang and the hidden Mastermind behind the whole operation. Usagi and […]

The Pull List – Rasputin: The Voice of The Dragon #3

The bullets and magic come flying in this issue of Rasputin. Professor Trevor Bruttenholm is a new recruit in a joint operation with the Allies to understand what the Axis powers are researching the dark arts. Tasked with a secret mission to learn more about “The Master” (aka Rasputin), Bruttenholm parachutes into a Nazi occupied France to pursuit a […]

The Pull List – The Chair #4

When a man counts down his execution date, what else does he have to fear? This explored in Alterna Comics The Chair, a horror story that delves into the cruel nature of captivity, abuse, revenge and the evil that men do. The plot of the The Chair features Richard Sullivan, a man that has spent years in death […]

The Pull List – Ninjak #2

Following the explosive cliffhanger of issue #1 of Ninjak, issue #2 reveals more about Ninja-D, a previous MI6 ninja agent who’s death is one of the many growing list of murdered other former ninjas. Colin King (Ninja-K), hunts down a lead that brings him to Ninja-D’s former lover Madame Charade. A killer, a master of disguise and […]

The Pull List – Quantum And Woody #1

The static duo are back to bumble their way in stopping injustice to the world. Eric Henderson and Woodrow Woody Van Chelton-Henderson are Quantum And Woody, two step brothers whose father’s mysterious death has lead them to become empowered by a pair of experimental atomized wristbands. These bands required to slam the wristbands into each other’s every 24 […]