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I'm Joe, a chaotic amalgamation of manly characteristics who still regrets not officially declaring "SMASH!" as his major in college. An action addict, I seek to entertain and inform. I write things too.
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Sharknado Sequel is Coming!

Syfy has announced that a sequel to Sharknado is coming in 2014! Set to take place in New York City, the Sharknado sequel needs a name, and YOU can help!

SDCC 2013: Want to Meet Godzilla?

The Godzilla Encounter viral marketing campaign is heating up and looks like it will be coming to a head at SDCC 2013! Want to meet Godzilla? Find out how!

Review: Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim is finally here and guess what? We’ve seen it! Is it as epic and legendary as it looks, or does it fall flat? Check out our review to find out!

Godzilla Vandalizes San Diego!

An awesome piece of viral marketing for Legendary’s upcoming ‘Godzilla’ has popped up in San Diego, right in time for Comic Con! What else can we expect?

Curse of Chucky Trailer is Here!

The first official for ‘Curse of Chucky’ is now online! Does everybody’s ‘friend ’til the end’ return to his classic form? Check it out for yourself!