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Everything Action Theater: Jumanji The Series

After the release of Jumanji in 1995, UPN developed an animated series based on the movie for their UPN Kids block of programming starting in 1996 as Peter and Judy Shepherd entered the world of Jumanji to join Alan Parrish on various adventures and figure out a way to get Alan out of the game and back into the real world.

Action Hero of the Week: Edward Boyce

One of a few survivors of a paratrooper squad sent into France before D-Day to destroy a radio tower in a German-occupied town, Edward Boyce and his squad mates uncover a secret lab that is conducting horrific experiments.

A Group of Vets Return to Battle in VFW (Trailer)

When a young girl with a gigantic cache of stolen drugs takes refuge at his VFW bar, Fred (Stephen Lang) and his buddies decide to dust off their old war skills to defend the girl and the bar from a vicious drug dealer and his goons.

Review: Hard Night Falling

Dolph Lundgren stars as Interpol agent Michael Anderson, who has to keep his wife and daughter safe when a mercenary named Goro takes the attendees of a gala at an Italian villa hostage in an attempt to locate and steal a cache of valuable gold coins hidden on the premises.

New Release Round Up 12/10

Some of the bigger late summer and fall releases are out this week on DVD and Blu-Ray including IT Chapter Two, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Hustlers, TV like Family Guy and Suits, possible future bad movie legend The Fanatic and more.

Battle at the Box Office 12/9

Frozen II remained at the top of the box office for the third weekend in a row while the Playmobil movie was an unmitigated disaster with one of the worst opening weekends of all time.

Admit One 12/6

December kicks off with true-life legal drama Dark Waters and the first theatrical movie ever from the venerable Playmobil brand of toys.