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I'm like the J. Jonah Jameson of Everything Action, writing and editing and constantly demanding pictures of Spider-Man.
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Action Hero of the Week: Billy Tepper

When his prep school is taken over by terrorists, troublemaker Billy Tepper and his friends have to use their pranking skills to evade the terrorists and get information to the authorities.

New Release Round Up 12/11

Cult favorite Toy Soldiers arrives on Blu-Ray for the first time this week along with The Equalizer 2, Peppermint, Smallfoot and more.

Movie of the Month: The Santa Clause

Tim Allen, at the height of his 90’s popularity, starred in 1994’s The Santa Clause, where the Tool Man becomes the new Santa after inadvertently murdering his predecessor.

Battle at the Box Office 12/10

With no new blockbuster release, the box office remained pretty much the same as it was last weekend her in the US, with Ralph Breaks the Internet on top for the third weekend in a row while Aquaman had a massive debut in China.