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New Release Round-Up 9/23

Another week, another round of new releases.  The big deal this week is that it’s officially the start of the new TV season so a bunch of our favorites are back and brand new.  Let’s get to it. DVDs: The Godfather Trilogy: The Coppola Restoration Leatherheads Schoolhouse Rock: Election Collection

The Rambo Arcade game; Awesome Overload.

Wow, can you handle that much awesomeness at one time?  The bad news is that it’s only been released in Japan.  The good news? There’s exploding arrows and a “rage” meter that rises every time you kill someone until you become an invincible, pissed off killing machine.  Sega,  get this thing to America, ASAP! Topless […]

Michael Bay’s Rejected “The Dark Knight” Script

It seems like it’s been a Michael Bay weekend on TV.  You had AMC with Pearl Harbor (Oh God No!) and Bravo with Bad Boys II (Aw Hells Yeah!) and it reminded me of his awesome “The Dark Knight” script that was rejected by Warner Brothers, it has a slightly different tone then the Nolan […]

I’d Buy that for a Dollar

Ctrl-Alt-Nanny “A Bumbling Nerd becomes a Nanny for a Conservative Aristocratic Family in the Feel Good Comedy of the Year“

24: Redemption

So apparently Fox had a Exclusapalooza on Sunday and had a 7 minute preview of The Day the Earth Stood Still and the first trailer for 24: Redemption, a 2 hour special that will help bridge the gap between Season 6 and 7 and make up for the fact that there was no 24 this […]

New Release Round-Up 9/16

A so-so week for DVDs but a great one for games, so here we go. DVDs: Speed Racer 88 Minutes The Mist (Blu-Ray) Risky Business 25th Anniversary (Blu-Ray) Kick Ass Pick of the Week (DVD): Beetlejuice 20th Anniversary

“I’d Buy That for a Dollar”

Welcome to the first edition of our weekly movie pitch.  Using my movie plot generator I will pitch a movie to the ether of the internet.  If it makes it big just remember where it came from. Step Up 2 Da Plate “A Gangsta Rapper coaches a hapless Little League team in the heart warming […]

Top 5 Thursday: MVPs of the Summer

Welcome to the first edition of the Kick Ass Movie Podcast’s weekly top 5 lists, because the internet loves lists.  This week we present the top 5 MVPs of the summer, the actors and directors who made this an awesome summer for movies. 5.  Rachel Weisz For being smart enough to stay away from the […]