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Happy Easter

Hey everybody,  If you’re done gorging yourself on chocolate, the Kick Ass Movie Podcast presents the answer to the age old question of “What does the Easter Bunny do for the rest of the year?”

TP: Tropic Thunder, Taken, The Happening

Only one really big trailer this week but there are some others that have come out in the last couple weeks that are worth talking about. Tropic Thunder Zach: Ben Stiller hasn’t exactly been hitting movies out of the park lately (The Heartbreak Kid anybody?) but this looks like it could be a great return […]

Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go!

Grab some pizza and practice those nunchuks because it’s time for some bonus videos, powered by Turtle Power! The opening for the cartoon series:

“I Wanna Know Where the Gold At!”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day lads and lassies!  It’s not officially St. Patty’s Day until we all relive the magic of the Mobile Alabama Leprecahun. Also here’s the remix, y’all: So remember, drink responsibly, be safe and that leprechaun could be a crackhead.

Trailer Park

Hey gang, it’s another Friday and another round of trailers from the past week or so. We got Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Edward Norton and the cutest robot ever. The Incredible Hulk Zach: First things first, Ang Lee’s Hulk movie sucked pretty bad. When the main gist of the character is that he is […]

Introducing the Trailer Park

Hey gang,  TGIF am I right?  Anyway, today I’m introducing a new weekly feature to the site, “Trailer Park”, where we take a look at some of the best (and maybe some of the worst) trailers for upcoming movies.  I’ll give my impressions of them and you can share yours in the forum.  Ready, ok, […]

Episode Delayed

No Way!  Way, man, the final episode of 80’s Month is going to be delayed a couple days as I may or may not have left my microphone at home over my Spring Break. (I did)  So, tide yourselves over with last week’s episode Rocky IV and there’s also our guest appearance on Theme Park […]

“These videos are like a piece of iron”

Well, the Internets have been trying to knock us out Ivan Drago style this week, our site went down temporarily yesterday and I’ve been fighting with my home computer to get back on the internet. Everything is cool now though and better late than never here are your Rocky IV bonus videos: Trailer: