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25 Awesomest Action Heroes

EW, you’ve done it again.  Hot on the heels of their “50 greatest action movies of all time” comes a look at some of the best characters who have ever dealt out a serious case of smackdown.  Let’s get it on! 25. Toshiro Mifune, Character:  Kikuchiyo, Movie: Seven Samurai 24. Steven Seagal, Character: Casey Rybeck, […]

24 Season 7 Trailer, Live Free or Jack Bauer.

Yes, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the first look at the new season of 24. Now we can see if it will return to the greatness of the first 5 seasons or be a horrible disaster like season 6. From the looks of the trailer I’m gonna have to admit that my interest […]

What’s your favorite Goosebumps book?

It’s Halloween time and even though Air Force One isn’t particulary scary we did get on the subject of what your favorite Goosebumps book was. The show is back on Cartoon Network and we couldn’t be happier. So we wanted to know what your favorite book in the series was. We put it up on […]

Over easy or…Hard Boiled!

Coming at you through a torrent of doves comes the bonus videos of the week! You might have noticed we were having a little trouble describing the action sequences in Hard Boiled, that’s because they are so awesome they defy description. Just have a look for yourself. Of course as you should know by now […]

“You’re Luggage!”

Well it’s that time of the week, Video Bonus Day!!! If you haven’t seen Eraser then you can check out the following videos to get a taste of how awesome it is and then watch the whole movie. Also, if you haven’t seen it already, Brian uploaded the zoo scene, which you can watch here. […]

McBain: The Whole Movie

Well my mind was blown yesterday when I found out that all the McBain segments through the years on The Simpsons can be spliced together into a semi-complete story. Watch and be amazed. See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.