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New Release Round Up 4/28

I would say that this week is an average week for new releases. Nothing spectacular is coming out but there’s some interesting things you might want to investigate.

Admit One 4/24: Literal Edition

No question about what any of the new movies coming out this week are about. Fighting is about fighting, The Soloist is about a soloist, Earth is about the Earth and Obsessed is about Ali Landry being obsessed with Dunder Mifflin’s newest manager, Charles. Let’s see what the critics literally had to say.

Top 5: Bond Gadgets

Probably the funnest thing about Bond movies is all the crazy gadgets that James gets from the constantly unamused Q. Here are 5 of our favorites.

Bond, James Bond

An epic bonus video post is before your eyes as I present the trailers and opening sequences for every Bond movie. Grab a martini and get watching.

Admit One 4/17: Get Cranked

It’s finally here, Crank: High Voltage. Statham is back to unleash another round of mayhem, murder and debauchery onto the city of LA. There’s also the political thriller “State of Play” with Russell Crowe and a movie that answers the question, “What could be worse than Matthew Perry?” The answer? Zac Efron playing Matthew Perry.

Top 5: Time Travelers

Time Travel, one of the most interesting concepts in fiction. Having the ability to go forward or backward in time to experience things beyond your years, or prevent something terrible from happening. However, it takes a certain person to be able to travel through time. Here our five favorite.