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“You’re Luggage!”

Well it’s that time of the week, Video Bonus Day!!! If you haven’t seen Eraser then you can check out the following videos to get a taste of how awesome it is and then watch the whole movie. Also, if you haven’t seen it already, Brian uploaded the zoo scene, which you can watch here. […]

McBain: The Whole Movie

Well my mind was blown yesterday when I found out that all the McBain segments through the years on The Simpsons can be spliced together into a semi-complete story. Watch and be amazed. See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

“Crank” it up!

A little later than usual but I’m back with your beloved bonus videos for Crank and Shoot Em Up. (definately more of the former) Trailer vs Trailer- Crank: Shoot Em Up:

The war is over…Chuck Norris is in Iraq!

Watch out al Qaeda: Chuck Norris is on the scene in Iraq. As reported by the conservative Web site World Net Daily, the karate champion and action movie star is visiting 15 bases at the invitation of Marine Gen. Bob Magnus. In an e-mail sent from Iraq and cited by World Net Daily, Norris said […]

Summer of 07 Extravaganza!

As we said in the episode, a ton of awesome movies came out this summer. My favorite was between the King of Kong, Transformers and Live Free or Die Hard. Anyway, as always here’s some youtubey goodness for you. Spider-Man 3 (like most of the videos these are gonna be trailers):

Back to the Future…Family Guy style

This episode came on right after we did our big season finale about Back to the Future and I’ve been meaning to put it up here for a while.  Peter has to stop Lois from falling in love with Quagmire at the Enchantment Under the, I mean the Quahog Country Club Dance.  The whole scene […]

Best One Liner…Ever!

Steven Seagal, you are the master of the one-liner as evidenced by this amazingly awesome clip from “Hard to Kill”. Season 2 premiere is coming soon! Send in your thoughts on the summer blockbusters to us through the e-mail (feedback@kickassmoviepodcast.com), at the Myspace or at Jangl.com and leave us a voice-mail, just enter our e-mail […]

Aliens vs Predator 2: The Good One

Well the moment everyone has been waiting for is here, the Aliens vs Predator: Requiem trailer is finally online.  My sarcasm meter just exploded but the movie still looks pretty good and fixes some of the problems of the first movie mainly that it was rated PG-13 when you have two R rated titans battling […]