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New Release Round-Up*

*If anyone can think of something more clever, let us know. It’s Tuesday and all the wonderful new DVDs, Games and such come out and it’s also the first post of our weekly round-up of said media.  So here we go. DVDs: The Big Lebowski 10th Anniversary set Child’s Play 20th Anniversary Kill Bill 1 […]

Season 3: Electric Boogaloo

Well, hope everyone had a good summer, we sure did.  As one last hurrah we reviewed most of the big blockbusters that came out this summer for our season 3 premiere, which happens to go up tomorrow!  Along with that are a bunch of new features so that something will be on the site everyday.  […]

Don LaFontaine Passed Away :(

It’s a dark day for the movie industry as the greatest voice ever has been silenced.  Don LaFontaine passed away yesterday at the age of 68.  Trailers will never be the same again.   Here’s another video of him with 4 other trailer voice guys as they head off to some award show.  We’ll miss you […]

TP: Marky Mark, the LaBeouf and Vin

Well, it’s the end of summer, the main movies that came out this week have a combined total of 16% freshness over at Rotten Tomatoes, so it’s time to look at what’s coming out this winter and next year.

Happy Belated Birthday Don LaFontaine!!

I can’t believe we missed our favorite voice’s birthday on the 26th this week.  Oh well, to celebrate here’s one of our favorite clips of him where he follows Bill Weir from Good Morning America around town.

Words of Wisdom with Steven Seagal

This little gem showed up on the internet this week and I had to post it.  It’s action star/musician/zen master Steven Seagal giving us a story of enlightenment that will surely make you look at the world in a different light.  You’re welcome.

Happy Birthday Arnold!

The Kick Ass Movie Podcast would like to wish our patron saint Arnold Schwarzenegger a happy 61st birthday today.  To celebrate let’s take a look at one of his first, if not his first, roles ever; on some show where he freaks out after getting laughed at, enjoy!

Trailer Park: Bringing out the Big Guns

With the release of one of the biggest movies of the year last week with The Dark Knight (which blew us away with it’s incredibleness) and Comic-Con underway in San Diego we have some big trailers popping up. So let’s get right into it, shall we?

*BAM!* Welcome to Earth!

Or “Earf” if you’re Will Smith. Hope everyone is having a fantabulous and scrumtrulecent summer. Hopefully you’ve checked out our summer special on Independence Day (and if you haven’t get on it already.) and as always I’ve got some bonus videos for y’all. Trailer: