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More 24: Jack says “Damn It!!!!” a lot.

Have you ever noticed that Jack Bauer says “DAMN IT!!” a lot?  Yeah, me neither but here are all of his damn its through season 4.  I can’t remember if he’s had any this season yet but probably.

24: The Musical

I think it’s pretty obvious that we love 24.  Here’s the greatest musical tribute that youtube can give.  It’s set to the perfect song for Jack Bauer, Hero by Chad Kroeger.  All Hail the power of Bauer!

Murderers, Vegas and Bunnies

Hey, it’s Zach and as always I’m here to give you bonus videos to take you “beyond the podcast”! Today we have some fun-filled Con-Air hijinks. “Put the Bunny back in the Box”

Things I Learned from Wicker Man

I am, if I may say so, a bad movie connoisseur.  We recently had the pleasure (?) of watching two direct to DVD Steven Seagal movies and we just watched The Wicker Man with Nicholas Cage.  Many important life lessons can be learned from this movie. 1. Washington is a weird state. 2.  If a […]

Thanks Nicholas Cage!

I alluded to the fact that our next podcast will probably be the Nicholas Cage action fiesta or Con-Air and The Rock.  To get you hyped here’s the best moments from his most recent movie, The Wicker Man.  Oh how I love out of context clips and unintentional hilarity.

Happy New Year!

Hey everyone,  Zach here wishing you a Happy New Year.  To celebrate I bring you the greatest fake movie ever conceived.  Arnold Schwarzenegger is Hamlet in “Hamlet is Back”.  The way William Shakespeare would have wanted it.