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Thanks Nicholas Cage!

I alluded to the fact that our next podcast will probably be the Nicholas Cage action fiesta or Con-Air and The Rock.  To get you hyped here’s the best moments from his most recent movie, The Wicker Man.  Oh how I love out of context clips and unintentional hilarity.

Happy New Year!

Hey everyone,  Zach here wishing you a Happy New Year.  To celebrate I bring you the greatest fake movie ever conceived.  Arnold Schwarzenegger is Hamlet in “Hamlet is Back”.  The way William Shakespeare would have wanted it.

UHF Clip-a-palooza!

Oh Man, Your Uncle Zach has a Smörgåsbord of UHF clips for you, courtesy of YouTube of course.

Sudden Death…The Sequel?

Hi Everybody! I am shocked and appalled that no one on YouTube has the Penguin Vs. Van Damme fight video up. This is the best I could do for bonus features this week. It’s a fan made trailer for a hypothetical sequel, “Foul Territory”. Gives you a pretty good taste of how awesomely douche-y Powers […]

Real American Hero Video

Confused by the end song of our last podcast?  It’s “Real American” by Rick Derringer and it’s Hulk Hogan’s theme music.  I guarantee that this music video is cheesier than anything we will discuss on this site.  It’s so cheesy it should be spelled cheezy and come in a can and that can should be […]

Invasion U.S.A. Video

Sometime in the future, scholars will look back and realize this is the most insane sequence in all of cinema.  To get you psyched for episode 2, I present the clip so you can judge for yourself.

Bonus Commando Video

Hey, if you guys listened to our first podcast here’s a bonus video which features all the kick-assery of the movie. Be sure to give us feedback so we know how to improve.