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Action Hero of the Week

Action Hero of the Week: James T. Kirk

After time travel messed up the natural course of events, James Kirk had a slightly rougher course to becoming captain of the Enterprise but eventually defeated the renegade Romulan Nero and will face off against the mysterious John Harrison in Star Trek Into Darkness.

Action Hero of the Week: Charlie Croker

After pulling off a brilliant gold heist, Charlie Croker and his crew are betrayed by one of their own but they come up with a plan to get revenge and get the gold back.

Action Hero of the Week: Django Freeman

After being freed by dentist/bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz, Django and the doctor begin a bloody and successful bounty hunting partnership before trying to rescue Django’s wife from the charmingly evil Calvin Candie.

Action Hero of the Week: Jack Cates

In order to catch a dangerous pair of cop killers, detective Jack Cates is forced to work with the fast talking convict, Reggie Hammond, to hunt the killers down in the back streets of San Fransisco.

Action Hero of the Week: Mathayus

Before he became a CG abomination in The Mummy Returns, Mathayus aka The Scorpion King was freeing Egypt from the tyranny of the warlord Memnon.