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Action Hero of the Week

Horror Villain of the Week: Frankenstein’s Monster

Since it’s October, it’s time again for the greatest horror villains to take over our weekly Action Hero of the Week feature and this year the classic Universal monsters get their due. First up, the unholy abomination that is Frankenstein’s Monster.

Action Hero of the Week: Ting

When their beloved statue of Ong Bak is stolen from their village, the villagers send Muay Thai warrior Ting to recover it from the drug dealers who stole it.

Action Hero of the Week: Jack Cole

“Suffice to say, to the people he hunted for us, he was known as the Glimmer Man. There’d be nothing but jungle, then a glimmer… Then you’d be dead!”

Action Hero of the Week: Tugg Speedman

While filming the most expensive war film in history, action movie star Tugg Speedman and his fellow actors have to go from fake soldiers to actual soldiers when the shoot goes horribly awry.

Action Hero of the Week: Waxman

Waxman is a former Special Forces soldier who is now working as a heavily armed assassin for a top secret government agency. He’s brought in for “one last job” to take out a target from a skyscraper under construction but his former spotter arrives and complicates things.