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Admit One

What’s new in theaters this weekend and what do the critics think?

Admit One 11/2

The big holiday releases begin with Wreck it Ralph this weekend along with Robert Zemeckis’ return to live action and RZA’s starring and directing debut.

Admit One 10/26

The ridiculously ambitious Cloud Atlas is out this week along with more Halloween choices with Silent Hill and Fun Size and true life surfing story, Chasing Mavericks.

Admit One 10/19

Paranormal Activity is back for a fourth year of Halloween domination and Tyler Perry takes on Matthew Fox this weekend at the box office.

Admit One 10/12

Argo is getting universally praised and Sinister and Seven Psychopaths are apparently really good as well. Oh, and Here Come the Boom is out as well.

Admit One 10/4

Liam Neeson is back to kick ass this weekend along with Tim Burton’s latest stop motion animated movie and a capella sing offs.

Admit One 9/28

Three new movies this weekend to close out September, including the awesome looking Looper.

Admit One 9/21

It’s a strange world we live in where the latest attempt to adapt Judge Dredd is better rated than possibly the last Clint Eastwood starring movie but that’s what we have going on this weekend.

Admit One 9/14

It’s all 3D this weekend as Finding Nemo 3D goes up against the fifth Resident Evil movie.

Admit One 9/7

In case you were in denial that we are in the doldrums of the post Summer movie season, the two new movies this week have a combined Rotten Tomatoes freshness of just barely over 25%