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Admit One

What’s new in theaters this weekend and what do the critics think?

Admit One 1/5

Hollywood is apparently still trying to recover from the ridiculous release schedule of Christmas as 2012 gets started with just one new movie, the crappy looking exorcism movie, The Devil Inside.

Admit One 12/23

In what is one of the craziest Christmas weeks for movies in recent memory, three movies have already been released, two are out today and two are out on Sunday.

Admit One 12/16

The holiday movies are starting to come out with Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and the inexplicable third Alvin and the Chipmunks movie, Chipwrecked.

Admit One 11/25

You apparently can’t go wrong with any of this week’s new movies, as the “worst” reviewed movie is at 92%.

Admit One 11/11

Three movies took advantage of today’s marketable date of 11/11/11 but critics are not crazy about any of them.

Admit One 10/28

No horror movies to go into Halloween weekend with, instead there’s high concept action from In Time, drunk Johnny Depp and Shrek spin off Puss in Boots.

Admit One 10/21

The annual Halloween season release of a Paranormal Activity is this weekend with the third installment along with three mediocre new releases.

Admit One 10/14

Two movies based on classic 80’s movies join a comedy about bird watching at the box office this weekend.