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Admit One

Admit One 2/12

A couple of potentially strong contenders are out this weekend betting on their hype and star power to take them to number 1.

Admit One 2/5

Polar opposites open up this weekend with action movie From Paris with Love taking on sappy love story Dear John.

Admit One 1/22

Three new movies in theaters this weekend, and the highest is 30% fresh, uh-oh.

Admit One 1/15

We see what the critics think of the two new movies and the one getting a wider release.

Admit One 1/8

We see what the first weekend of 2010 has in store for us at the box office.

Admit One 12/28

A big holiday weekend box office, led for the second week in a row by Avatar.

Admit One 12/24

Four new movies and one moving from limited to wide, is Hollywood’s Christmas gift to you.

Admit One 12/18

James Cameron’s 15 year in the making epic, Avatar is finally in theaters this weekend. See what the critics had to say.

Admit One 12/11

We see what critics thought of the two new movies out in wide release this weekend.