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Admit One

What’s new in theaters this weekend and what do the critics think?

Admit One 5/21

It’s a battle of the comedies this weekend as MacGruber goes against Shrek Forever After.

Admit One 5/14

Robin Hood faces off against a pair of chick flicks this weekend at the box office.

Admit One 4/23

This week we have another comic adaptation, a nature documentary and the comeback of J.Lo! (*sarcasm*)

Admit One 4/16

We’re ramping up into Summer Blockbuster season as the comic adaptation Kick Ass hits theaters.

Admit One 4/9

The only movie out this weekend nationwide is the Steve Carell/Tina Fey team up in Date Night.

Admit One 4/2

The first weekend of April finds an amped up remake against the latest Nicholas Sparks sap fest.

Admit One 3/19

A pretty weak release for new movies in theaters, even with three coming out.