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Trip reports from our journeys around the country visiting comic book, video game and general nerdy conventions

Everything Action At Games For Change

Our typical convention scene usually covers all things comic, horror and gaming. But this time we were invited to see what the other end of the convention spectrum looks like. Games For Change is all about games that improve lives and advocates for social change.

Day 0 of Monster-Mania 2014

This entry is part 1 in the series EA at Monster Mania 2014
It came as a huge slap to my ego… I can say I’m a huge horror fan, yet I never knew I lived so close to a local Horror con. Somehow, I’ve been oblivious to it the whole time I’ve lived in New Jersey. But that’s changing this year when I finally visit Monster-Mania (March […]

EA at NYCC 2013: Grab Bag #2

This entry is part 9 in the series EA at NYCC 2013
Everything Action sits down first with Ron Moore and Diana Gabaldon to learn about the upcoming Starz show, Outlander, and then chats with the folks behind the original motion comics app, Narr8.