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Enter the Asyulm

Exploring the world of “mockbusters” from schlock purveyors The Asylum

Enter the Asylum: Death Racers

The Asylum put together their own Death Race to compete with the Statham version and got the next best thing to Statham, The Insane Clown Posse.

Enter the Asylum: Invasion of the Pod People

Melissa, an assistant at a modeling agency in Los Angeles, starts to notice that her co-workers and clients are becoming nicer and lesbianier when the Invasion of the Pod People begins.

Enter the Asylum: Transmorphers

The Asylum threw everything they had into their mockbuster of the first Michael Bay Transformers movie and the result is the futuristic sci fi “epic”, Transmorphers.

Enter the Asylum: Dragon

With Eragon coming out, The Asylum entered the world of fantasy with the simply titled Dragon, even though the titular dragon is only in the movie for about 10 minutes total.

Enter the Asylum: Hillside Cannibals

To compete with The Hills Have Eyes remake, The Asylum unleashed the Hillside Cannibals on the unsuspecting public and created one of the most awful and upsetting movies ever.