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Everything Action Theater

It’s kind of like Masterpiece Theater, but with more explosions.

Everything Action Theater: Red Scorpion

Dolph Lundgren goes from the ultimate Soviet weapon to Africa’s greatest freedom fighter in the 80’s action movie, Red Scorpion, which you can watch in full right here, thanks to Crackle.

Everything Action Theater: Memento

With The Dark Knight Rises dominating the box office, it’s the perfect time to go back and see where things really got started for Christopher Nolan, with his mind bottling thriller, Memento. You can check out the full movie right here.

Everything Action Theater: Alien vs Ninja

If you love Power Rangers but wish it had 100% more gore and ninja action, you should check out Alien vs Ninja, a ridiculous ninja movie featuring guys in rubber suits and gallons of fake blood. You can check out the whole movie right here.

Everything Action Theater: Mystery Team

Before heading to Greendale, Donald Glover was stopping crime as part of the Mystery Team, along with his Derrick Comedy cohorts and you can check out the whole movie, right here.

Everything Action Theater: Last Action Hero

Expectations were in the stratosphere for Last Action Hero, which it ultimately failed to live up to but it’s still a fun but flawed parody of the rest of Arnold’s movie canon as Arnold plays supercop, Jack Slater in a wacky, hyper-real version of Los Angeles.