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Know Your “That Guy”

Profiling the greatest character actors of all time

Know Your “That Guy”: Robert Knepper

Best known for playing cold, creepy criminals like on Prison Break, Robert Knepper has been all over recently: Playing mob hitman Sid Rothman in Mob City, Clock King on an upcoming Arrow episode and will co-star in the final two Hunger Games movies.

Know Your “That Guy”: PJ Byrne

Popping up in quick, scene stealing roles in movies like Horrible Bosses, PJ Byrne is now co-starring in movies like The Wolf of Wall Street and the upcoming CBS show, Intelligence.

Know Your “That Guy”: Damon Herriman

Popping up on a bunch of shows recently like Justified, Almost Human and Vegas, Damon Herriman usually plays a criminal whose lovably dumb, ruthlessly efficient or somewhere between.

Know Your “That Guy”: Chi McBride

A veteran of TV and movies, Chi McBride usually plays some sort of authority figure from a SWAT commander on Hawaii Five-0 all the way up to Nick Fury on the Marvel cartoons.