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Know Your “That Guy”

Profiling the greatest character actors of all time

Know Your “That Guy”: Bruce Payne

Bruce Payne has appeared in a number of TV shows and movies over the years, usually as a sociopath villain like in Passenger 57, One Man’s Justice or Dungeons & Dragons.

Know Your “That Guy”: William Morgan Sheppard

You’ve heard his distinctive voice in games like Medal of Honor, The Conduit and Chronicles of Riddick and you’ve seen William Morgan Sheppard on screen in movies like The Prestige and shows like Star Trek and Doctor Who.

Know Your “That Guy”: Michael Kelly

Probably best known currently for his role as Francis Underwood’s ruthless chief of staff Doug Stamper on House of Cards, Michael Kelly has also appeared in movies like Man of Steel, Changeling and Chronicle and shows like The Sopranos and Person of Interest.

Know Your “That Guy”: Kurt Fuller

Benjamin: Have you spoken to Wayne about the Vanderhoff spot? Russel: Yes, briefly. He was not very receptive. Benjamin: Oh really? Well I’ll explain it to him that it’s not a choice. It’s in his contract Russel: Oh. Well Wayne will understand that right away… NOT! [Ben glares at Russel] Russel: Excuse me!

Know Your “That Guy”: Mark Dacascos

Probably best known as the Chairman on Iron Chef America, martial artist Mark Dacascos has appeared in a number of movies and TV shows like Double Dragon, Cradle 2 the Grave and Hawaii Five-0.

Know Your “That Guy”: Zeljko Ivanek

Usually showing up as a shady politician or businessman, Zeljko Ivanek has appeared in movies like Argo, The Bourne Legacy and shows like 24, The Event, True Blood and Heroes.

Know Your “That Guy”: Mark Rolston

Playing gruff cops and federal agents most of the time, Mark Rolston has appeared in movies like Rush Hour, Saw V and VI, Lethal Weapon 2 and Aliens and has also appeared in a bunch of TV shows.

Know Your “That Guy”: Barry Pepper

One of the go to guys for period war movies, Barry Pepper is probably best known for playing the sniper, Pvt. Jackson, in Saving Private Ryan and appeared in a bunch of movies already this year, like Broken City and Snitch.