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Musical Montage

Every Monday, we celebrate the best of movie soundtracks, movie inspired music videos, famous film composers and much more

Musical Mongtage: Resevoir Dogs

July is Tarantino month for Musical Montage and we’re kicking things off at the beginning with Reservoir Dogs and it’s “Super Sounds of the 70’s”.

Musical Montage: Jamie Foxx “Extravaganza”

From his second album, “Unpredictable”, comes the Jamie Foxx single, “Extravaganza”, where Foxx has a crazy one night stand with a girl after drinking way too much at the bar. The music video for the song puts a weird, murder/police spin on the whole thing.

Musical Montage: Do the Bartman

At the pinnacle of both their power, The Simpsons and Michael Jackson teamed up to get Bart a number one song/dance craze and “Do the Bartman” was the result.

Musical Montage: Hot Rod

The underrated gem of a comedy, Hot Rod, featured a soundtrack as ridiculous as the stunts Rod Kimble performs, including almost the entirety of Europe’s The Final Countdown album.

Musical Montage: The Mask

Coming out at the height of the mid 90’s swing/big band revival, The Mask is jam packed with the likes of Brian Seltzer, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Royal Crown Revue on it’s soundtrack and in key scenes of the movie itself.

Musical Montage: Iron Man by Black Sabbath

Although not originally about Tony Stark’s alter ego, Black Sabbath’s song Iron Man is pretty much synonymous with the superhero now, especially after the first two Iron Man movies.