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New Release Round-Up

Find out what’s new on DVD/Blu-Ray ever week with New Release Round Up

New Release Round Up 9/11

There’s a ton more TV seasons coming out this week so you can catch up before the new seasons start, a cult classic on blu ray and our Pick of the Week, Spartacus: Vengeance.

New Release Round Up 8/4

Couldn’t decide which awesome fourth season should be Pick of the Week so both Fringe and Parks and Rec are sharing it this week and there’s a ton of other TV seasons out this week along with a lost 80’s classic finally coming to DVD.

New Release Round Up 8/28

Universal has a ton of new blu rays out for their 100th anniversay and our Pick of the Week is The Walking Dead Season Two.

New Release Round Up 8/21

If you’re a Disney fan, there’s a bunch of blu rays out this week, including the 35th anniversary of The Rescuers (with Rescuers Down Under included!)

New Release Round Up 8/14

Jaws is finally on Blu Ray this week along with one of the biggest movies of the year, The Hunger Games and our beloved Community’s third season is out as well.

New Release Round Up 8/7

A bunch of anniversary editions out this week and Clue finally comes out on Blu Ray and it’s our Pick of the Week.

New Release Round Up 7/31

July closes out with not too much in the way of new releases but there is a new edition of Total Recall just in time for the new one this Friday.

New Release Round Up 7/17

There’s much more coming out this week than last week with a bunch of SyFy show seasons, some 60th anniversary editions and our Pick of the Week, Lockout.